October 19, 2014

what to wear: seattle in the fall.

i was crossing my fingers and toes for *at least* one rainy day while we were in seattle. come to find out that's just something you don't really have to do, silly me.

so yeah, the weathermen got it all wrong and i was left completely unprepared for the stuff we got. but hey, question, is it just me or are these weathermen getting less and less good at their jobs? whatever, you know it's true.

anywho, this oklahomie was a wee bit chilly and seattle's fall was feeling a smidge more like the beginnings of winter. so i thought i'd share a little insight into what to wear if you ever head out that way. in the fall.


// 1 // always, always pack a JACKET with a hood. i took a hoodie, but with all the rain it didn't do a lick of good. thankfully, the husband let me wear his waterproof jacket over it much of the trip. he's good to me y'all. or something like this would be good to carry around with you--this jacket folds up and stows away in it's own pocket! bam!

// 2 // umbrella. how fun is this color changing umbrella from restoration hardware! we were dumb and didn't pack an umbrella, although, give me some credit people, i did actually consider it. our hotel had umbrellas for the guests though so we totally lucked out! and we seriously needed it almost every day.

// 3 // boots. i would've killed to have my rain boots there with me! or just ANY of my tall boots for that matter! you do need to make sure they're comfy enough for walking though.

// 4 // scarf/hood/shawl. unlike oklahoma, it's already scarf weather up there so get one of these and it'll do double duty!

// 5 // backpack/cross body purse. with all the walking we did i think it's best to take a backpack or cross body purse to stay hands free.

// 6 // watch. we were trying to cram as much as we could into our 7 day trip so i was constantly checking my watch. it especially helped me keep tabs on public transportation-we had a few very close calls! waiting an extra 10-15 minutes for the next bus, train or ferry can cost you!

// 7 // handbag. i think it's always a good idea, especially while traveling, to have a little handbag 'handy' with all your most used/go to items in it. i'm addicted to chapstick so that's probably the #1 item you'll find in my handbag! anyone else..? no?

oh, and if you forget something, you can always buy! there's shopping galore! h & m, gap, urban outfitters, nike, nordstrom, banana republic...on and on!

did i miss anything??

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