July 20, 2012

on homemade baby food

once Ry was about 4 months old i started experimenting with making baby food at home. first off let me warn you by saying i had no idea what i was doing during my initial trial run and am still kind of trying to figure it all out.

attempt numero uno did not go so well. we tried pureeing peas in a blender that we already owned and it didn't turn out as smooth as we were hoping. so first we made an investment in a Ninja and it has worked wonderfully! we also purchased a steamer and ice cube trays.

i'm just going to give a quick rundown of the steps i go through when making his food.

1. i like to soak my fruits and veggies in water and a little bit of vinegar for about 10 minutes to get them all clean then rinse
2. cut/cube your veggie/fruit
3. steam/bake/boil until tender
4. blend-get all the chunks out!
5. poor into trays-(tap the trays on the counter a few times to make sure it's packed well)
6. freeze

after frozen you can just pop them out and store in freezer bags!

it really is pretty simple and i've actually only had to do it two times so far! i like knowing that Ry is getting fresh ingredients and not all the yucky additives!

now if i could just get more of it into his mouth than on his body! poor thing is a mess and loves his momma's milk!

there are a couple of sites i've used as references: here and here.

any questions? tips?

good luck in the kitchen mommas!

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  1. Owen also ends up with most of the food everywhere but his mouth and still prefers mommas milk. He is starting to eat fruit more, now to work on those veggies!

  2. I made all homemade baby for Baby O his first year. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy! Pretty soon, you'll get to start thickening up the consistency! Makes a lot less of mess for sure! We used the Super Baby Food book as a reference. Good luck!

  3. I got my sister the Baby Bullet for her future baby and I can't wait to see the amazing foods we'll be able to make with it!!

  4. I absolutely love making baby food for my baby girl. I really thought it would be a hassle, but it's so easy. I'll almost be sad, I think, when this stage is over and it already almost is! She's been sharing our dinner for the last couple of nights. The little one is growing up.

  5. I definitely need to share your blog with my new friend (and new mommy)

    xo Jennifer


  6. i can't wait t have a baby to make my kid their own baby food. it is so important to get your children eating right from the very beginning and making their own food is the best way

  7. yay! thanks for this! I have a magic bullet rather than the baby ninja - but I think they're somewhat the same...My daughter is almost a year and I have GOT to be more disciplined with making her baby food...I don't know how to steam veggies :/ - I know, my poor husband, right? cute blog! looking forward to following you!