July 22, 2012

7 months (7/22/12)

7 months baby boy!

you are a wild little man-always on the move, kicking your legs, rolling all over the place and getting into EVERYTHING! you seem to be more interested in things like daddy's shoelaces, picture frames and cords rather than your toys. what a mess you are! i can hardly take my eyes off of you for a second. you roll so fast! everyone says once you learn to crawl or walk you will be GONE! you are definitely keeping me on my toes bubba.

i noticed on July 10th that you were getting your first tooth! i had been dreading the day that you would lose your gummy smile, but i think your little pearly white coming in is kinda cute. you have been doing great too-no fussing, drooling, nothing. what a good baby.

you are sitting up on your own nicely these days and we've been practicing standing with you too. we think you will be crawling any day now!

oh and you tried bananas today-your first fruit! i was so excited that you might actually like something besides milk, but you ended up wearing more ON your belly than we got IN it :)
hopefully you will start liking something soon.

you are so happy. one of our favorite things is hearing you laugh.
we are so blessed.

love you so much bubba,



  1. Wooohooo!! Happy 7 month day! I love you both! - Mr. Baker/Dad

  2. He sounds so cute! Owen is the same way with food. Loves milk! I'm sure when they are 16 we won't be worried about trying to get them to eat things. :)

  3. Cute!!! My first 2 loved bananas :) Don't you think the baby peaches smell like dirty feet...lol...I always thought they did :)

  4. aww.. so cute.. it wasn't so long ago that D was getting his first tooth.. in fact he got four at the same time. Happy 7 months