July 13, 2012

i just found out...

husband and i are going on a date tonight...

i know this may sound crazy but...
it will be the first time since Rylan was born.
can you believe it?
almost 7 months!

here's to a great date night!
what to wear?? hmm...
i'm thinking something with my coral shorts...

now on to friday's letters:

dear husband: thanks for finding someone to watch our little guy so we can have some alone time. you know just what i needed.

dear michelle & matt: thanks for being such awesome friends-we really appreciate you watching Ry for us.

dear weekend: please don't get in any hurry. we like having you around.

dear friday: you're my fav.

dear friday the 13th: i'm still a little skeptical about you, but i'll give you a chance tonight.

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  1. Love your blog!
    Hope you have a marvelous night out!

  2. YAY for date nights! Have fun and TRY not to only talk about the little one-- it's hard! Abel and I went to dinner and a movie for our first date night. Half way through dinner we noticed all we talked about was Simeon. We decided that while we love him to death date night is for JUST the two of us!

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

    and love the shorts!

  3. Have so much fun on your first date night!!! :) Alidia will be 6 months this weekend and my husband and I haven't managed one yet but hoping to go horseback riding together sometime this summer.

  4. I had a date night tonight too! yay for date nights! Hope you had a great time!! xo

  5. awww... a date night sounds like a dream. with a 10 months old over here i know just how magical free time can be ;) hope you guys have a great time and nice meeting your adorable blog =)

  6. That's awesome your man found someone to take care of little Rylan while you guys go on a date. I say yes to those coral shorts! Adorable. Hope I see pictures of your date soon!

  7. Oh dates!!? Those are the BEST!!! Enjoy friend!