June 28, 2012

awkward & awesome


1. Getting scolded by a creepy know-it-all lady at the mall for going up the escalator with Ry's stroller the wrong way. hey, it was our first time and trust me we figured that one out on our own! so put your eyebrow back in it's place lady!

2. The man at Petsmart hounding the cashier about owing him a dollar when he was clearly in the wrong. 

3. Mixing up the location of quads and hamstrings. yes, i made an A in college anatomy and yes, it was one of my favorite classes, but they are not referred to as such in my book! luckily for me, I recovered quickly, but the hubs will never let me live this one down.

4. Feeding Ry in the dressing room at Gap while Mr. Baker tried on clothes. actually, it wasn't that awkward until the man outside knocked on the door to check on us. i'm totally doing this again.


1. Having enough leftovers and freezer meals to get us through the week without cooking! hoorah!

2. The Mr. calling our cable company to cancel for our annual "no cable summer" and them offering to lower our cable bill for 6 months! we took the deal! i know shame on us.

3. Going to see my fam! 

4. Everything Rylan :)

June 27, 2012

on playing

Since starting the 30 for 30 (which you can read more about here) we have just been playing away!

Here's a list of some things we've been trying-keep in mind he's 6 months old.
Some of these I found online while searching for age appropriate activities.

1. Peek-a-boo
2. Turning the light on and off
3. Trying to get my little roller to crawl
4. Puppets
5. Animal sounds
6. Practicing standing up
7. Reading
8. Exploring baskets filled with toys
9. Rolling a baseball with daddy
10. Playing this little piggy

Over the past few days I think I finally realized why it's sometimes difficult to find time and energy to make sure we are playing with our little ones: we spend so much time doing the things that we have to do (bathe, feed, change etc.) that doing the things we want to do get neglected.

Keep trying. Keep playing. Your efforts will not be in vain.

June 26, 2012

dress like a grown up, but don't get all serious.

this past weekend the Mr. and I didn't have a lot going on which was kind of a relief for us since we've been pretty busy here lately.

we ended up at the outlet mall in the city due to a case of cabin fever and 100 degree temps. it's too dang hot out there you guys, where's my pool and shade tree? better yet, where's my friend Mr. Fall? don't get me wrong I love summer, but sheesh!

anywho, we landed ourselves at the mall on a mission to dress the Mr. like a grown up. hubs has always been pretty laid back when it comes to style. he's all about comfort, which i like. who wants their man to be more into style and fashion than themselves? not i.

since the Mr. has to dress at least business casual and sometimes even coat and tie for work, he's most likely to be found sporting basketball shorts and a t-shirt on weekends out or around the house. so i pretended like i was some fancy-schmancy fashion know-it-all, which i'm not, and steered hubs towards items that offered the same feel but with a grown up touch.

i'm proud to say that our mission was a success and the little one and i may have ended up with a few things ourselves. just call me the next Stacy London and give me my own show! style consultant cards are in the works ;)

Here's my pretty

A few of the Mr.'s things

don't go thinking we're a bunch of grown ups now or something,
you'll still find us playing Candyland and "I spy".

June 22, 2012

6 months

Dear baby boy,

I can't believe you are 6 months old today.
In just 6 more short months you will no longer be a baby.

Our time together seems to just fly by.
It's a shame though because we have so much fun.
you & i.

You are still my little rolling machine! You just roll and roll until some sort of obstacle gets in your way! The other day I went into the kitchen to make lunch and when I peeked around the corner to check on you there you were right under my feet! I guess you like me just a little :).

You are getting better at sitting up, but you're not really a fan. You would much rather be on the floor rolling around. One of my favorite things you do right now is get extremely excited about cups! It's the cutest thing! You literally attack them! Just recently you started making a clicking sound with your tongue and you also started doing this thing where you shake your head back and forth like you're rubbing your head when you're tired. Sometimes you get in little baby talking rants and you look so serious like you have all the right answers and everyone better stop what they're doing and listen up. Every day you discover different things you can do with your voice-screams, laughs, cries, sounds. It's so fun to watch you learn. 

You are doing great in your crib. Mommy and daddy are so proud. We have also begun the process of de-swaddling you at night. Which hasn't even fazed you. We put you in bed, sing your songs, give you goodnight kisses and leave. Next thing we know you are out. You're our little sleep champ.

On Father's Day we picked you up from the nursery at church and were told that you got the "Best Baby Award" (which wasn't news to us ;). We also took daddy out to lunch that same day and a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said that you were so cute and good. We couldn't agree more.

You are one special little guy and we are blessed by your life.

Love you forever,


June 21, 2012

awkward & awesome

Today I thought it'd be fun to join in on my first Awkward and Awesome Thursday.


1. Having a total complete stranger ask to hold my baby. Luckily (for the guy) I'm nice and luckily (for me) he wasn't some cracked out hobo on the side of the street selling meth with his teeth falling out. whew!

2. Beginning to think that baby boogers on my hand is the norm. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. right, am i right??

3. Going in for a delicious baby smooch and getting spit up on. Yes, smack dab in the face. At least it was only a teeny tiny explosion nothing too catastrophic. A little water did the trick.


1. Getting better at going longer without washing my hair and learning how to disguise it. It's an art I tell ya. <----should this be under the awesome or awkward section, i'm not sure, but my hair is healthy and shiny :)

2. The massage that the Mr. gave me in the kitchen last night during our few minutes of alone time before bed. I'm a sucker for a good massage and I think he kinda likes me. Did I mention that I'm spoiled? ;) awkward for you, awesome to me!

3. Baby Ry falling asleep within minutes of being put in his crib. The kid is awesome, just plain awesome. 

4. Getting a free extra chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A because they got our order wrong! They are so nice-anyone want a free chicken sandwich??!

Happy Thursday!

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June 19, 2012

30 for 30

Most of you bloggers out there have probably heard of the 30x30 challenge where you pick 30 items that you currently own from your closet and create 30 different outfits.

Well, I found a new challenge for mommies here, it's called the 30 for 30. This is a challenge for all you mommas to get out and play with your children for at least 30 minutes for 30 days. What an investment in your child's life to make sure you are spending good quality time with them and really-come on, 30 minutes is nothing. 

I must confess it's easy to become content in just sitting back watching my little one roll around and play on his own, but I want to make sure that I'm fully engaging him every day. I don't want to miss out on this precious time with my baby boy.

I challenge you to join me in the 30 for 30! (let's all secretly try for more though, you know like 30 for life :)

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!

Special thanks to my two favorite dads-my husband and my father.

Thanks for everything you do! 

Piggy-backs, snuggles, and all!

Love you!

June 15, 2012

friday's little letters

dear 4:30, please hurry your little tush up so the weekend can commence.

dear John, psych! I don't even really know a John, much less would I write him a letter.

dear Dr. Pepper, would you please stop taunting me with your lovely caffeinated self.

dear tough decisions, why must you plague Mr. & Mrs. Indecisive Baker?

dear pantry, i wouldn't be offended if you would restock yourself for a change.

dear bachelorette Emily, why did it take you so long to get rid of Kalon? I saw that comin' from miles away. literally. I could weed through those guys in a heartbeat!

dear Pinterest, please stop distracting me with all your clever little ideas.

dear self, go you! congrats for transferring all the thousands of pics and videos of little man from your iphone to your computer. now get to printing!

dear baby boy, stop growing up so fast!

dear Mr. Baker, I hope you have an awesome Father's day! you deserve it-the next dirty diaper is on me...maybe ;)

happy weekend friends!

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June 12, 2012

Guest Post: The Mrs. & The Momma

Hi Baby Baker Love readers!  I'm Kristen from The Mrs. & The Momma, and I'm so glad Mrs. Baker was kind to have me here today.  My blog is a mix of my life as a momma to four, my personal style, and all the workings of a crazy life.  I do a little series on my blog called "High 5" where I have a list of five things pertaining whichever subject I'm talking about that day.

I thought I'd carry that over here to do a little "High 5" of Motherhood...being just a few little tidbits I've learned over the past several years of I've had the privilege of being a mother.  Here we go....

1.  Not only take as many pictures you can of your children, but actually print them out.
I can't count how many times I wanted to give a gift to a relative or just change out pictures in frames at home, but hadn't ordered any current ones.  There are deals all the time with various photograph hosts (Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc.) where you can get hundreds of prints for under $10.

2.  When you find your children growing out of their clothes, it may be really hard to part with them, but do it.
Even if you plan to have more children, only keep the clothes that are sentimental (holiday, memorable, special occasion) or ones that are in excellent condition.  Those spit up stains have a knack for reappearing once they've been in storage for a while.  Trust me on this one....you'll thank me later, especially if you end up having a large family.

3.  Nurse (or bottle-feed) your baby at bedtime if you can.
I know this is not recommended by pediatricians, but I think it's mainly discouraged if feeding is used as a sleep tool, which is not what I'm suggesting.  With all four of my children, in whom I did my best to instill healthy and strict sleep practices (meaning they could put themselves to sleep at as early as 3 months), I always kept the bedtime feeding.  This was (and is) precious time spent together.  We look at each other and just have an "us" moment.  I wouldn't give this up for anything and I will cherish it forever.  It's times like this you can't ever get back.

4.  Babywearing is a win for everyone!
There are so many babywearing products out there these days...obviously, it's beneficial to both momma and baby.  You can read more about the emotional, psychological, and intellectual benefits here.  My favorite is the Moby Wrap.  It's one long piece of fabric wrapped around your body, and then you can wear your baby several different ways depending on their age, size, etc.  I wish I had worn my older children more...even if it were just around the house.

5.  When contemplating having a baby (or another child), there is never "the perfect time".
Deciding to have a baby should be a thoughtful and prayerful decision.  However, if thinking the "right time" will come...I assure it most probably won't.  There will always be a spouse needing to graduate first, a house to buy, money that needs to be saved, more "us" time that needs to be had.  Our first child was born when my husband was in law school and we lived off student loans so that I could stay home.  While living with my in-laws and my husband was studying for the bar exam (no job), we decided to try for another baby.  I've never regretted our decisions.  I don't tell this story to suggest going into debt to support a family or being cavalier about having babies....but to simply say that when a couple is emotionally and spiritually ready for children, they can always find external reasons to wait.  I argue not to wait.

June 11, 2012


happy monday people!

we've been busy busy lately!
we were out of town this past weekend visiting my family and I had a day full of errands today!
but now the car is clean, dinner's cooking, baby boy is down for a nap, I have finally eaten lunch, and we have a fresh package of diapers! whew!
maybe i'll even have time to paint my toenails! *probably just wishful thinking on my part though*

hope you stop by tomorrow for a guest post from my friend, Kristen, at The Mrs. & The Momma!

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thanks for all your support.

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June 7, 2012

Sherlock Holmes, I presume?

We had a serious case of the missing binky this morning, but no worries here.
Mrs. Sherlock Holmes (aka moi) along with my faithful and dashingly handsome sidekick, Dr. Watson, (aka my pup Ripley) were able to locate said binky, "Mr. Blue".

We began with logic as only one would presume.

At precisely 8:15 a.m. this morning, baby boy was brought into my bedroom along with "Mr. Blue". After baby boy was fed, "Mr. Blue" was summoned for his regular pacifying duties while baby boy and I drifted back to sleep.

Several times during our 1 hour nap "Mr. Blue" was replaced back into baby boy's mouth.
At 9:30 a.m. I was awakened by baby boy's cry for "Mr. Blue".

As logic would tell you I began searching the nearest perimeter around baby boy for "Mr. Blue".
I searched and searched.
Lifted pillows and blankets.
Frisked the entire bed, but "Mr. Blue" was nowhere to be found.

By deductive reasoning I shifted my attention elsewhere.
The depths of darkness that lie beneath my bed were begging for an inspection.
It was here that I was joined by my dear faithful Watson with his ever trusty sharp nose.

The shadows did their job like always, craftily covering anything that may have been looming there.
However, something drew my attention to the nightstand.
Was it my dear Dr. Watson?
or am I as clever as I think I am?

I believe we all know who the hero of this story is...

"What do you see?"

"Everything. That is my curse." -Sherlock Holmes

and now it's waaaaaaaaay after lunch and we're still in our pj's. cheers.

June 5, 2012

mouse in the house update.

so i forgot to mention,
no big deal or anything, but my dog
killed the mouse.
so that's that.

mouse killer extraordinaire

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