June 28, 2012

awkward & awesome


1. Getting scolded by a creepy know-it-all lady at the mall for going up the escalator with Ry's stroller the wrong way. hey, it was our first time and trust me we figured that one out on our own! so put your eyebrow back in it's place lady!

2. The man at Petsmart hounding the cashier about owing him a dollar when he was clearly in the wrong. 

3. Mixing up the location of quads and hamstrings. yes, i made an A in college anatomy and yes, it was one of my favorite classes, but they are not referred to as such in my book! luckily for me, I recovered quickly, but the hubs will never let me live this one down.

4. Feeding Ry in the dressing room at Gap while Mr. Baker tried on clothes. actually, it wasn't that awkward until the man outside knocked on the door to check on us. i'm totally doing this again.


1. Having enough leftovers and freezer meals to get us through the week without cooking! hoorah!

2. The Mr. calling our cable company to cancel for our annual "no cable summer" and them offering to lower our cable bill for 6 months! we took the deal! i know shame on us.

3. Going to see my fam! 

4. Everything Rylan :)


  1. theres a right and wrong way to go up and escalator with a stroller? i say if you get the mission accomplished who cares how its done!

    and dressing rooms are a nursing moms dream... unless you walk out of the dressing room with one side of your shirt up with your bra hanging out.. sheesh... thank goodness my mom was right outside to quickly pull my shirt down.

  2. apparently there is! and we tried it the way the lady suggested and it did seem to work better! who knew! and yes nursing in the dressing room was perfect!

  3. Yay for dressing room feedings ; ) Hey, whatever's easier for you, I say. Not many places in the mall where it would be less awkward than that. They should have a special place for nursing moms! Come on!

    And not having to cook for the rest of the week - always awesome in my opinion! Ha ha, we don't have cable, but if you can get a good deal... ; )

  4. Great post! loved it! and using the dressing room to nurse: AWESOME!

  5. I had no idea there was right and wrong way for strollering - is it "backing" the stroller on the escalator?

  6. This is precious. You're adorable!! I love your blog!

  7. The hubs and I got somehow separated on the metro in Rome with a clunky old suitcase AND the baby in her stroller. Praise God, a passerby helped me get both safely down the steep-steep nearly 2 floor escalator (going downward.) It was awful! Sorry about the mean woman. I know how it feels.