March 28, 2013

forgot to mention.

in the midst of all the new baby hype i forgot to mention that the mr. took a new job. it's not too far away, but far enough to where we will be making a move. we've already got a contract on our house and a contract on a new house and will be moving at the end of april.

it's going to be a little bittersweet though, we will be leaving our first home and our church family and friends to start anew. nothing like a little change to do this ol' pregnant lady in for some misty eyes ;).

oh well, cheers to something new!

now if that doesn't put a smile on your face i don't know what will!

March 11, 2013


as you can tell, my sidekick and i are keeping each other busy. he gets me through the sick days and helps me look forward to the new little one that will grace us with his/her presence soon (not soon enough in my opinion). i'm already ready to have this baby safe in my arms. for now i'm trying to soak in ry and i's last few months together. it's going to be strange to lose my "just ry and i" time. 
it's all i know. but what a blessing to add to it. can't wait to meet you baby.

March 6, 2013

pregnancy hormones + full house.

did you know it's true what they say about pregnancy hormones?!

i didn't.
or at least i don't remember.
but now i know.

seriously, has anyone ever cried so much over an episode of full house?? i'm pretty sure i hold some sort of record by now. but can you blame me? i mean it was michelle's 5th birthday and they were flashing back over the years, baby pictures and what not. the "ugly cry" hit me.

then the next episode.

rebecca gives birth to the twins (you really can't blame me on this one) and i'm just sitting there sobbing at the kitchen table while i'm eating lunch. i realize how ridiculous i'm being when rylan starts mocking my blubbering. thanks kid, way to bring me back to reality.

and let us not forget the time when we pulled into our driveway and i saw a young couple down the street and proceed to boohoo about how they probably don't have a care in the world and how all they do is probably spend time with one another watching movies on the couch. wah wahhh.

poor nick.

and we still have 28 weeks or so left of this.

pull yourself together, hormones!

for now i may need to limit my full house intake. but then again i'm still waiting for the one where uncle jesse sings "michelle's smiling". gets me every time. pregnancy hormones or not.