August 28, 2012


hey people!
we are out of town this week while daddy is working so i'll probably 
be absent from here for a few days.
hope you guys are having a lovely week!
mr. chunky legs and i will be back soon.

August 21, 2012

8 months

8 months...

is that really all i've known you?
seems like i've known you forever,
a whole lifetime.
like you've always been around,
always been a part of me,
always been my little guy.

what a blessing to have you here with me now and not just in my heart.
the past 8 months have been so indescribably amazing.
i've loved watching you grow and getting to know you.

you are all over the place now and into everything! you army crawl like a mad man! we say that you look like a wounded soldier when you're crying and crawling at the same time! it's so pitiful-'waaah...drag...waaah...drag'...

you still don't really like playing with your toys, you would much rather be doing something else like pulling the leaves off mommy's plant, eating mommy's socks or "playing" your favorite instrument the trusty door stop. lately boxes have become a fun source of entertainment for you.
you're my little explorer.

one of your favorite things is running into the dogs' water bowls when you're in your walker. you're a mess!

you are getting your second tooth on bottom. i'm sure going to miss my 'one tooth wonder'.

oh and you are getting so much better at eating food! bananas and applesauce are a couple of your favorites. the face you make when you take the first bite of applesauce kills me though! *sour*

as i was writing this you managed to fall jump from your crib after your nap. guess we will be lowering your bed tonight! don't worry you didn't get hurt my tough little man.

love you so much bubba, 


i promised...

...that i would have your 7 month pic posted before you were 8 months old and growing a mustache, so here it is a day shy of your 8 month birthday. i'd also like to report that you are still mustache-less ;) hooray!

August 20, 2012

can i just say...


this is one of my favorite pictures that i've ever captured of my Ry man.
i want to remember this baby face forever.

August 16, 2012

love it or lose it?

this may become a new thing around here or maybe not.
i'm not really sure yet, but i just had to put this out there.

floral pants..
           Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

i just can't wrap my head around these.
am i the only one??

love it 
lose it?

August 14, 2012

where are you, FALL?

ok i've about had it with you, summer.
you are going all out this year.
100 degree + temps and killing all the lovely things that spring brought about.

i'm so over you.
fall, please hurry up why don't cha?!
i'm ready for cardigans, boots and scarves!
oh and don't forget the pretty colors!

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

and pumpkin coming back-YES!!!!!

August 13, 2012


so hey guys!
i'm just curious-what gets you all inspired?

i've thought of a few things that do it for me:


//alone time// getting time to myself to just clear my head or pray is always refreshing for me. even if all i can get is just a shower.

//trips// visiting new places and having new experiences gets me out of my normalcy funks.

//getting outdoors// there's just something about being outside that sparks all kinds of ideas for me. thanks for all the pretty things to look at God :)

//my loves// the people i love are always inspiring me. heck, they are why i started this blog!

//trying new things// you never know what kinds of things will open up for you unless you try stuff! get creative!

August 10, 2012

on writing

lately i've been a little discouraged and uninspired in my writing.
you see writing and i are kind of a new thing. like a new love,
we are just getting to know one another.

i've realized that writing for me is a funny thing.
it comes and it goes.
one minute i have the most amazing thoughts and words and the next i'm scrambling for the simplest of ideas. even as i'm imagining the words to say tonight i'm rushing myself before i lose it all to some tiny obscure place tucked away in the furthest corner of my brain never to be found again.

i've learned that some of my most brilliant ideas come at the most inopportune times.
for instance, it is 11 pm and my mind comes up with the wittiest of things after midnight.
how convenient.

i've noticed that writing can communicate all kinds of things and that it must be straight from the heart and completely honest or true genuine-ity (<--did i just make up a word?) is lost.
i know that i do not want to write as a people-pleaser, but
i want to tell the story of our lives. the ups and the downs. ins and outs. happy and sad. and i want to do it as God-honoring as possible.

for now i am just trying to be content in the fact that my writing cannot be pushed or prodded, but it must come naturally. i will, however, continue to study and learn all the little details of this new love of mine. for it must be cultivated and nourished to be perfected.
and only with perfection can you tell the best of stories ;)

August 9, 2012

so i'm in love...

...with this house
seriously, i can't get over it.
she's adorable isn't she?!
(and she's totally a she)
we drove around her all stalker-ish last night drooling.
too bad we aren't looking to buy.
funny thing is she's literally 4 miles from a job husband just turned down.
oh well, some things just aren't meant to be and some aren't meant to be right now.
we shall see in due time.

August 6, 2012

so there was this one time...

...that we went to visit my family.
we had just arrived and were all hanging out waiting on dinner to finish baking in the oven.
and then the unthinkable...
the power goes out.

just peachy.

so what do you do when you lose power and it's been averaging at least 110 degrees all week and the whole state is burning?


i recommend a little of this:

and staying at your sister's.

come to find out the power came back on about 45 minutes after we left.
oh well, what can ya do? 

August 3, 2012

i swear you were happy this day...

(me: top-Gap similar here, watch-Fossil, bracelet-gift similar here, necklace-gift similar here and here
(Ry: top-Ralph Lauren Polo onesie similar here, jeans-Gap similar here, moccasins-Roper)

at least we got one good picture where you don't look like you're about to hurl or throw a punch!
and what was i looking at in a couple of these??! i guess i got a bit distracted by daddy acting like a crazy man trying to get you to smile. focus. focus....
oh something shiny...
sorry catch ya laters!

p.s. yay friday!

August 2, 2012

honest toddler

oh my holy hot dogs have i got a treat for you!
have you guys heard of honest toddler?
i'm following them on twitter and can i just say HI-larious!
their tweets sound like words straight from the mouths of babes!

some of my personal favs:
-mama did her hair. it was so pretty i had to touch it. didn't realize i had jam on my fingers.
-imma lay low for a little while. going to the kitchen to squeeze some bananas.
-they need to choose. teeth or hair. we're not going to brush both daily.
-not even noon and mama is fading. extended blinks. wake up, lady. we've got 6 hours to go. yay!!! :)
-just ran into a wall. when did we get that?
-daddy free styled a story. didn't make a lick of sense.
-kitchen floor just slapped me in the face OMG! :(
-that was weird. daddy's sunglasses just exploded themselves in my hand.
-my mom is pretending that her hair is just "wind blown". explain the clothes then. did you or did you not wake up in that dress?
-one year old at the park goes down the slide alone. and the crowd goes wild!

follow on twitter here for some good momma laughs!

August 1, 2012

Winner Winner!

Congrats to Kendall from Songbirds and Buttons!
You're the winner of my 200 Follower Giveaway!
email me and we'll get you hooked up :)