August 16, 2012

love it or lose it?

this may become a new thing around here or maybe not.
i'm not really sure yet, but i just had to put this out there.

floral pants..
           Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

i just can't wrap my head around these.
am i the only one??

love it 
lose it?


  1. I'm so not on the floral pants train. I firmly believe they would make my thighs look 5x larger than they really are. Lose it! :)

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  2. Lose it and never bring it back. Sorry but those are no bueno (for my style anywho) haha

  3. In that picture, yes, I'm loving them. But I don't have super skinny legs and I don't usually walk around in heels. So gotta say lose it!

    stop by and say hello!

    -K @

  4. i love this photo but I dont think I can pull it off =]