August 10, 2012

on writing

lately i've been a little discouraged and uninspired in my writing.
you see writing and i are kind of a new thing. like a new love,
we are just getting to know one another.

i've realized that writing for me is a funny thing.
it comes and it goes.
one minute i have the most amazing thoughts and words and the next i'm scrambling for the simplest of ideas. even as i'm imagining the words to say tonight i'm rushing myself before i lose it all to some tiny obscure place tucked away in the furthest corner of my brain never to be found again.

i've learned that some of my most brilliant ideas come at the most inopportune times.
for instance, it is 11 pm and my mind comes up with the wittiest of things after midnight.
how convenient.

i've noticed that writing can communicate all kinds of things and that it must be straight from the heart and completely honest or true genuine-ity (<--did i just make up a word?) is lost.
i know that i do not want to write as a people-pleaser, but
i want to tell the story of our lives. the ups and the downs. ins and outs. happy and sad. and i want to do it as God-honoring as possible.

for now i am just trying to be content in the fact that my writing cannot be pushed or prodded, but it must come naturally. i will, however, continue to study and learn all the little details of this new love of mine. for it must be cultivated and nourished to be perfected.
and only with perfection can you tell the best of stories ;)


  1. Well I love all of your writings and posts! I know the feeling of struggling to come up with things sometimes, but you are doing great!

  2. I totally know what you mean about inspiration coming at the most random times! I have finally put a notebook by my bed...ha!

    I have also found..when it comes to writing... that an easy read is a really hard write. It is such a process of learning how to paint a picture in someone's mind. It is so fun. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i think your writing is just perfect girl, and you're right. writing should never be prodded. it will come naturally to us!
    xo TJ

  4. You just make me smile.
    Happy weekend, mama bear.

  5. I love your writing! I've always struggled with my own writing and hated when my I had essays to write for school. But I recently started blogging and it's been a complete eye opener :)

  6. It happens to us all, but we just keep writing, trusting that He who is in us inspires us correctly and cannot be wrong.
    But judging from this post above, you write beautifully, making us want to finish every line.
    Have a blessed weekend Mrs Baker!
    Your newest follower from the weekend Walk.

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    Just looked over your blog and it is very cute! Hope you have a great weekend! :)



  8. best ideas come in the middle of the night too!
    You are right...creativity can't be forced, so when it is free it is finest!