August 9, 2012

so i'm in love...

...with this house
seriously, i can't get over it.
she's adorable isn't she?!
(and she's totally a she)
we drove around her all stalker-ish last night drooling.
too bad we aren't looking to buy.
funny thing is she's literally 4 miles from a job husband just turned down.
oh well, some things just aren't meant to be and some aren't meant to be right now.
we shall see in due time.


  1. oh wow! that house IS beautiful! silly as it sounds, I think my favorite part are the flowers up top - ha!

  2. Oh that's gorgeous. I would love to see the inside!

  3. is that glorious thing in portland? because i'll buy that thing. right. now.

  4. nope-it's down south! and whitney-i love the flowers at the top too!