August 13, 2012


so hey guys!
i'm just curious-what gets you all inspired?

i've thought of a few things that do it for me:


//alone time// getting time to myself to just clear my head or pray is always refreshing for me. even if all i can get is just a shower.

//trips// visiting new places and having new experiences gets me out of my normalcy funks.

//getting outdoors// there's just something about being outside that sparks all kinds of ideas for me. thanks for all the pretty things to look at God :)

//my loves// the people i love are always inspiring me. heck, they are why i started this blog!

//trying new things// you never know what kinds of things will open up for you unless you try stuff! get creative!


  1. I have to agree with all of yours!! Since I work with kids all the time at school and at our summer camp, I would also add that the kids inspire me... and of course other bloggy ladies like yourself! :)

  2. that's about the perfect list for inspiration...I would add reading and writing and doing a project, but that would be like trying new things. I also like walks;)

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!!! It's scary how I could have written this exact same list...
    Hope you have had an inspiring weekend x