August 21, 2012

i promised...

...that i would have your 7 month pic posted before you were 8 months old and growing a mustache, so here it is a day shy of your 8 month birthday. i'd also like to report that you are still mustache-less ;) hooray!


  1. look at those big sweet eyes! love them! and I love this laundry basket growth chart - which I have probably already told you. I wish I would've done one. ugh - shame on me! he is precious! ummm I guess not having a mustache is a good thing at 8 months old...I dunno thought? he could've been in the world record book had he grown one that early :) you never know! ha. CUTIE!!!

  2. OH MY!!! He is precious! He is nearly a month older than my little one (she was born January 19th 2012). I'm sure the last 8 months have flown by for you. I sure wish I had been keeping a journal for her (and me). I never even thought abot it. This is such as wonderful idea!

  3. ah! so cute! love this little guys smile!

  4. Your little man is SO ADORABLE!!!
    So glad I found your blog - I am also a new mom...