August 6, 2012

so there was this one time...

...that we went to visit my family.
we had just arrived and were all hanging out waiting on dinner to finish baking in the oven.
and then the unthinkable...
the power goes out.

just peachy.

so what do you do when you lose power and it's been averaging at least 110 degrees all week and the whole state is burning?


i recommend a little of this:

and staying at your sister's.

come to find out the power came back on about 45 minutes after we left.
oh well, what can ya do? 


  1. oh not good, not good. but cool story, hope the food was good though...

  2. Where you in Oklahoma? Those ash clouds look familiar.

  3. Haha, at least its an excuse to stay with your sister :) And have romantic candlelight dinners!

  4. Ack! That's no fun. But glad you got to spend time with your sister :)