December 31, 2012

Ry's Foxy 1st Birthday!

ry's first birthday party was a success! 
all the planning, stressing and hard work finally came together! 
and my little fox partied his little tail off!

best year of my life.

black & white checkered tablecloth: hobby lobby
green tablecloths: target
banners: homemade-burlap/stencil/paint, canvas/paint, pom pom/string
hawaiian table skirt (on wall): hobby lobby
succulents & pots: hobby lobby
cake stands: target & wal mart
toy fox: hobby lobby
woodland finger puppets: oriental trading
wood piece (under cake stands): hobby lobby
moss mats: hobby lobby (are you catching a trend here?)
beverage bucket: target

goodie bags:
paper sacks: michael's
black & white striped washi tape: michael's
it's a party & chevron stamp: michael's

trees: broccoli
acorns (not pictured): hersey kisses, mini vanilla wafers, topped with peanut butter chips-all held together by peanut butter
toadstools: cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese sticks
berries: strawberries
twigs: pretzel sticks
mossy logs: twisted pretzel sticks rolled in cream cheese frosting and green sprinkles
cheese dip & chips
cheese ball & crackers
cakes: homemade

water & coke

December 30, 2012

it's amazing what a year can do.

when i look at these pictures i'm just amazed at God's creation.
life. it goes by so quickly and we hardly stop to take it all in. we should more often.

especially the first year, the amount of growth and change that occurs is literally breathtaking.

these pictures give me back these moments in time.
not completely, but they do their best.
and i am thankful for that.
because these past 12 months have been by far superb.
and i know when i look back at them i will long for these days.

thank you God for your creation and for giving us the most beautiful and precious little soul we've ever known.

December 28, 2012

a smashing good time.

well, we officially have a one year old on our hands. and i'm officially determined to make each and every birthday special. with it being so close to Christmas, i can already see all the challenges ahead, but he's pretty special so celebrating his birthday is a must.

the cake smashing part of ry's first birthday photo session was definitely my fav!
he had us rolling!
especially when he decided that the cake looked like a pretty comfy place to lay his head!
he's too much :)