December 19, 2012

watch rylan grow.

i'm so proud that i actually stuck with this basket idea. it's incredible to see how much rylan has changed over the months. from my tiny fragile newborn to my spunky little man.

 i still remember nick asking the doctor about ry's "bow-legs" at his two week appointment. the doctor chuckled a bit and assured us that they would straighten out-it was just from being all curled up in my belly for almost 10 months.

look at those long legs now!

where has my baby gone?
only one basket picture left.


  1. Aww he is a doll, seriously. I love his little foot birth mark! He is PRECIOUS!

  2. so cute! im trying to keep up with monthly pics of my son too. although they arent in a basket, just next to a particular stuffed animal on a chair. and its so funny you mentioned the "bow-legged" comment. my husband did the exact same thing. my lil mans only 6 months and they havent completely straightened out but you can tell they will eventually. glad to know were not the only ones who ask these questions! ;)
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  3. I love this! He is just too cute and such a cute idea! I bet he will adore these later in life when he's grown into a man. You go girl!

  4. Cute idea!! It's so crazy how much they change and grow from month to month.

  5. Wow, it is so unbelievable how babies grow so fast in the first year! He is going to look back at these pictures in a few years and go, WHOA, that was ME??

  6. They grow up so fast hey! Love the basket idea, it looks great!

  7. although all adorable, i think month 5 & 8 are my favs! kuddos for sticking through it mama!

  8. Awww I just love this series of photos. If you have seen on my blog, I did a similar one with Alidia from the beginning too. So fun to see how they change over the months. Rylan definitely looked like 'him' from month 2 in these photos, then REALLY like him at month 5. It is funny how early they get their own look that will be their look for life.

    Eek.. only 1 more!!

  9. look at that baby grow! :) good job mama! Love these pictures!