December 28, 2011

Christmas Favs

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. I absolutely love it.

Here are a few of my Christmas favs:

Sugar cookies and hot chocolate...yum :)


Christmas morning...

Decorating the tree...

Pretty twinkle lights...



Christmas music...

lazy days...

and laughing with the family...

BUT nothing can compare to this year's Christmas blessing...

Baby Ry :)


Thank you God, for the birth, life, and sacrifice of your son and for the life and birth of mine :)

December 21, 2011

Time is up baby boy...

All our bags are packed...We're ready to go...


Ry's Room

Here's baby boy's vintage baseball room





Sorry for the poor lighting/quality.

P.S. I have some baby news that I will post later! :)

December 16, 2011

Due Date...

Well today is baby's due date and there's still no sign of him coming...

Here's to 40 weeks & counting!


Where's Baby Baker??


Yesterday was hubs & I's 4th anniversary. We thought baby would be here by now so we didn't make any anniversary plans-silly us :). However, we ended up going to dinner and spent the evening talking about how much our lives are going to change and how we can't wait to meet our little man. These past 4 years as just the two of us have been the best, but we are looking forward to our new adventure as parents.


For now we are waiting, passing the time and trying to enjoy our last days before we become mommy and daddy. We should probably be using our time more wisely, but instead we are watching the movie 'Up'-foreshadowing? I think so.


Come on baby! We are ready to meet you!

December 13, 2011

39 weeks + 4 days & still no baby

Well, baby and I are still hanging out together. He must really be cozy in there and I must be an excellent homemaker ;).


Here's a little overview of my 39th week of pregnancy so far:

Friday: dinner then flat tire...thank goodness it happened when it did and not on the way to the hospital!

Saturday: we gave our pup a haircut and went to a Christmas party with friends.

Sunday: after church, hubs and I went to the mall for some baby walkin' in hopes of stirring up some progress.

Progress...?? Yesterday we went to my OB appt and my doctor said I was dilated between a 1-2..soooo..I guess that means there was a little progress from last week. However, I still got into a funk of a mood and made Mr. Baker take me to AT&T so I could order the iPhone 4S. He loves me lots :).


Thankfully, God knows just when to send blessings. After forcing the hubs to take me to AT&T, my good friend Julie brought us Pei Wei for dinner. Sweet & sour chicken, brown rice, and even a Dr. Pepper (which, if you know me, speaks right to my heart!) Annnnd she got us GiGi's cupcakes...this almost 40 week prego lady was in heaven! What a blessing. What a friend. Here's a pic of Julie and I after we graduated from Dental Hygiene school in 2010!


and for now, we wait.

December 7, 2011

The Kiss

This is the kiss that I have "planned" for hubs after I have healed post-pregnancy. I can't wait to run, jump, and smooch my hubby without belly bumpin' him! Did I say planned? Yes...Did I forget to mention that I am a planner? Oh well, I am looking forward to it :)

Love you babe :)

Come on Baby Baker!!

December 6, 2011

38 weeks + 4 days=mood swings

This past weekend we got all "lovely-ed" up and went to hubby's work Christmas party. It was held at the Petroleum Club downtown where we had an amazing view from the 35th floor. We had a good time, but of course I was completely exhausted by 9 pm. All the yummy food and random blackout Bingo games really wore me out ;). Here's baby and I looking stuffed and ready for bed after the party.



Saturday we got to spend time with some good friends and watch a football game that I will not discuss any further. Soooooo on to Sunday...we both were feeling a little under the weather so we decided to miss church and rest.

Annnnd here's where the mood swings kick in...

Yesterday we went to my OB appt and I left teary-eyed and defeated. My doctor told me that I am still dilated only 1 cm. With just a few days left until baby's due date, it's hard to see the positive without seeing any progression. I cried in the Dr.'s office, I cried in the car, and I cried once we made it home. I've been praying that God will help me endure and wait for His timing. I am just so ready to meet our baby boy and selfishly want to have the old me back (no offense "Ry"..I can tell you are running out of room in there too).

Today was a new day though and we had a baby shower at Mr. Baker's work which left us feeling blessed once again.

A couple of my fav things from the shower...personalized cookies and a baby sized ping pong paddle!