December 16, 2011

Due Date...

Well today is baby's due date and there's still no sign of him coming...

Here's to 40 weeks & counting!


Where's Baby Baker??


Yesterday was hubs & I's 4th anniversary. We thought baby would be here by now so we didn't make any anniversary plans-silly us :). However, we ended up going to dinner and spent the evening talking about how much our lives are going to change and how we can't wait to meet our little man. These past 4 years as just the two of us have been the best, but we are looking forward to our new adventure as parents.


For now we are waiting, passing the time and trying to enjoy our last days before we become mommy and daddy. We should probably be using our time more wisely, but instead we are watching the movie 'Up'-foreshadowing? I think so.


Come on baby! We are ready to meet you!

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