December 13, 2011

39 weeks + 4 days & still no baby

Well, baby and I are still hanging out together. He must really be cozy in there and I must be an excellent homemaker ;).


Here's a little overview of my 39th week of pregnancy so far:

Friday: dinner then flat tire...thank goodness it happened when it did and not on the way to the hospital!

Saturday: we gave our pup a haircut and went to a Christmas party with friends.

Sunday: after church, hubs and I went to the mall for some baby walkin' in hopes of stirring up some progress.

Progress...?? Yesterday we went to my OB appt and my doctor said I was dilated between a 1-2..soooo..I guess that means there was a little progress from last week. However, I still got into a funk of a mood and made Mr. Baker take me to AT&T so I could order the iPhone 4S. He loves me lots :).


Thankfully, God knows just when to send blessings. After forcing the hubs to take me to AT&T, my good friend Julie brought us Pei Wei for dinner. Sweet & sour chicken, brown rice, and even a Dr. Pepper (which, if you know me, speaks right to my heart!) Annnnd she got us GiGi's cupcakes...this almost 40 week prego lady was in heaven! What a blessing. What a friend. Here's a pic of Julie and I after we graduated from Dental Hygiene school in 2010!


and for now, we wait.

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