December 21, 2012

one year baby.

the moment i first saw your face, i knew you.

our little pea-knuckle. the one who i was surprised to find out about at my "check up". the one whose heart i heard beating at only 5 weeks old. the one who kicked and "squiggled" in my belly. the one who got the hiccups. the one i felt breathing. the one whose body was formed within mine. the one i longed for. the one i gave life to. God's gift to me, my son.

you were there, in my arms and i knew you.

i remember your face, your cry, your tiny fingers and toes. i remember the first time i held you in my arms and the first time your skin touched mine. there's nothing quite like it and the love, oh the love is overwhelming.

this past year i've watched you grow by my side as i've nursed you and i've seen you get bigger as we've passed by the long mirror in the hall. i've noticed your legs dangle further and further down my body as i've carried you through the months. your arms fit perfectly around my shoulders now and the delicacy that once was my tiny newborn is fading. from rolling over to crawling to pulling up to standing to steps to walking, i've seen your strength grow. you're becoming a little boy and one day you'll be a man, but in my eyes you will always be my baby.

i'm so thankful for all the love that you've brought us with your life baby boy. so much love in such a short amount of time. what a blessing. what a joy.

here's to many more years of watching you grow.

as long as i'm living my baby you'll be.

happy first birthday.

love always,


  1. Beautiful!! Happy birthday to your baby boy!

  2. Sweet post. happy birthday rylan!

  3. happy birthday little rylan! sorry big rylan! i loved to watch you grow! and now you're one year old! one fantastic year! thank you haily for sharing these moments with us!

  4. Ugh, this is just so precious!! :) happy birthday to your sweet little babe!!

  5. What a precious post! Something to save forever! :-) Found you through Casey! :-)

  6. Ahhhhh such sweet photos, thanks for sharing, gets me pumped for my third lil bubba coming in the next few weeks.:)

  7. this is so heart warming. stopping by from Casey

  8. Beautiful post and amazing photos. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!! :)