July 2, 2012

must do's for the summer.

1. swim. duh.
2. take a trip to the zoo.
3. putt-putt!
4. go to a splashpad or waterpark.
5. eat snow cones.
6. go for walks.
7. go to a baseball game.
8. visit the farmer's market.
9. have a picnic.
10. go to the park.
11. finish some of my crafts.
12. have Mr. Baker build something.
13. go to a festival.

Some more may be added along the way so stay tuned all you fanatic "to-do list crosser off-ers".

i may or may not have added one just so i could cross it off...you know you do it too ;)

What are some of your summer must do's?

what i was doing/what he was doing

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have a happy week :)
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  1. Ohhh, now I want to do a summer to-do list, far more exciting than all my boring work ones!Rx


  2. I love your list, and that there are a few crossed out:o

    I need to make one, I so far would put:
    go to state fair
    go to alpacha farm
    go to county fair


  3. Love your summer list! Visiting from This Little Momma's blog. Have a great week!

  4. your little one is soooooooooo cute!! ahh! hope you can do everything on your list! :)