July 26, 2012

boogie king

so apparently my son likes to boogie.
and i'm pretty happy about that because we all know there's nothing more unattractive than a man who can't dance. well besides ugly teeth, bad breath and know-it-alls.
can you tell i'm a dental hygienist?
anywho, maybe there are a few things worse, but a man who can dance is always a plus.
you're welcome future daughter-in-law.
see you in oh, 50 years or so.
that is if i ever decide to let him date.

(please excuse the song-my son loves Miranda Lambert so i just put one on to see if i could catch him in the act. then i realized he has no balance without me holding him hence the 10 second video.)

(daddy tried a different song and gave him a little support this time. he usually gets more into it than even this. and i'm 100% confident that daddy frustrated him a bit at the end, ha :)

i'm fairly certain he's been professionally trained in both funk and freestyle.
he seems to be some sort of rhythmical genius.
belly dancing and contemporary are up next!
here's to many more dancing baby nights!


  1. Haha too cute!!! My favorite way to get a workout in in turn the music up and dance the kids love it :)

  2. Oh how stinkin cute! What a great great dancer. He'll be a lady's man for sure. In 50 years of course. ;)

  3. oh my word. that is too precious!!! your future daugher in law should def appreciate this!