July 12, 2012

awkward & awesome


1. so one of our dogs threw up in the car on our way to visit my family. we pull over at one of the loveliest gas stations you ever laid eyes on. i'm talkin' straight out of a horror film, Texas Chainsaw-like. and wouldn't you know it, i had to pee like a mad woman. so there i was in all my glory hovering over the grimiest toilet in the state trying my best not to imagine all the creepy things that could be lurking around my feet. lucky for me i've had some experience with squatty potties during a short stay in china so i'm a pro of sorts. i did my business quick and literally had to bust my way out due to the missing door knob stuffed with paper towels. and let's not even begin to talk about the smell. yuck. i found it comical that i was given no warning from the man working there about the conditions of the bathroom. when i asked where the restroom was he acted as if it were perfectly normal maybe even luxurious. ha. i'm giving him the evil glare in my mind to this day. i hurried out to the car to soak my hands in purell after that one.

2. the mr. and i have a thing about house hunting. we love it. even when we aren't looking to buy. so husband sends me an email about a house that we have to go see after he gets off work. we pull up to a gated entrance that requires a code. bummer, right? wrong. this guy decides to zoom in behind someone after they enter the code! and turns out the person we followed in are the owners of the house we were going to look at. "keep driving, keep driving. just smile and wave."

3. feeding Ry in mcdonald's during our road trip. i'm all about efficiency and i sooo don't care anymore. no shame. 


1. Ry's first tooth is coming in. this one is kinda bittersweet for me though. i'm going to miss his gummy smile.

2. the sugar cookies that i devoured in 3 days. thanks to my friend, michelle :)

3. we haven't had to go grocery shopping yet this month, but we are running out of options over here though ladies and gentlemen!

Happy Thursday yo!
and Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Beca :)


  1. Fun list! I'm dying laughing over you guys following the home owner! BWAHA! And we are so right there with you on grocery shopping! But if I feed the Hubs chicken one.more.time. he might turn into one :/ Happy day to you lovely lady!

  2. hahaha you are too funny lady! Glad you're into just being efficient. ;) Ry is getting cuter by the second!

  3. Way to go for making it so long without grocery shopping. I wish I could do that. I need to plan ahead!

  4. AAAH that is unreal about the dog throwing up, totally awkward!!! And that's a cute detail about looking for houses even when you aren't really "looking" ha
    and yay for first tooths!

  5. haha those awkwards are pretty awk. I hate those horror-movie like gas stations. Sugar cookies sound so good right now! That's definitely awesome :)

  6. I love this post. :) You should make this a link up!!!