July 21, 2012

avoiding melt-age

hey guys!
hope you all are enjoying this swelt-abulously hot weekend!
i'm just here, you know, trying not to melt.
seriously people. it's hot EVERYWHERE. even inside. ;)
but, for real, i'm not joking.

so i just wanted to stop by and make sure you all were alive. no heat strokes right?
oh, and also to let you know that i'm guest posting over at Little Homemade Housewife.
-i'm sharing my moss coaster DIY, but there are also some new pics of Ry in it too. and it's always fun seeing what he's up to. :) check it out here.

hope there's no melting going on your way!
ta-ta for now (thanks for that one Tigger ;)


  1. No melting here! But we are about 6 degrees cooler today then you (not to rub it in). Owen and I are going for a swim later with Grandma!

  2. oh gosh, having everything inside and out so hot is never fun! hoping cool weather comes your way!
    xo TJ