July 16, 2012


yesterday we decided to let little man join us in the sanctuary during church service.
he did so good! just look at those chubby fingers, hands folded nicely in his lap and all attention at the pulpit! he didn't make it long though-he was passed out in a matter of minutes! but you should have seen him gettin' it during worship-boy loves him some music!
hopefully no one noticed me snapping pics, but come on-can you blame me? ;)


  1. Aww what a sweetie! Sounds like he did a great job! : ) I'm pretty sure if I were sitting in church with you guys, I'd have a hard time not paying attention to the cute baby : )

  2. i had a hard time! that's why we don't do it very often!

  3. Those little hands! So precious. We have to sit in the back of the church still due to my very active and stubborn little miss:)

  4. adorable ... he must have been praising God :)

    my oldest loves sunday school ... my middle is super shy so he sits in service with me... he does really really good!