June 20, 2013

what i'm loving about you, my 18 month old.

*your admiration of the outside world. like screaming mad fit when we make you go inside. red cheeks and all. >>little boy momma swoon. you would stay outside all. day. long. if we'd let you, just touching or "touch-y" as you would say and playing in awe of all the things around you.

*your love for your new best friend "gankie" aka "blankie".

*your little boy soul. your exploring, red-dirt-eating, pine-cone-finding, water-hose-loving little boy soul.  melts my heart.

*how quickly you learn. lately, we've been practicing the alphabet! you repeat the individual letters back to me pretty well! oh sure there are some that you don't really get or that you like to repeat as a hum with your mouth closed ("G"), but mommy and daddy are impressed.

*the games we play during diaper changes and getting dressed. it's more of a love/hate kind of thing, but even when it's annoying i can't help but have a smile on my face. i start out by luring or, in most cases, dragging you to your room where you then book it straight for the curtains-oh the glorious cloak of invisibility! annnnd the game is on! sometimes it turns into a game of "where's rylan?" other times i just wait you out. now, diaper changes are another story. since you've become interested in using the potty, you think it's fun to remove your diaper. oh what a joy it is to walk into a room and find you butt-naked saying "poopy" as i glance over to the diaper lying in the floor with a nice one in it. hey, at least you somewhat know what's going on, right? now we just need to get you to the potty BEFORE you go in your diaper!

*your love of water. bath time. pool time. water hose. washing your hands. you name it. you're in love.

*your independence. it's the cutest thing. you want to do everything on your own now. spoons at dinner time, it's a nice fun mess. coloring. playing outside. getting in your wagon, oh let's not even go there on your love of wagon rides. talk about bringing joy to your soul, those wagon rides do it! even swimming in the pool! you'd think you were invincible!

*"ta" aka flower. every time you see a flower, pointing excitedly, "ta". we extend our corrections, but to no avail. it's a "ta" in your eyes and ears i guess.

*animal sounds. "the cow says MOO, MOO, MOO, MOO. the dog says WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF...and the people they say BLAH, BLAH, BLAH"-ode to our favorite animal sounds song. your favorite animal right now is "cow cow". oh and the face you make when you're barking like a dog, it's just almost too adorable. ^^see above picture.

*your love for helping. bless your little heart. you love helping momma put things away when we get back from the grocery store and getting the laundry out of the dryer. you're too much. i'll be praying for your little servant's heart to continue to grow and mature as you do.

love you forever little man,



  1. Aww what a sweet boy with so many great little things he is doing now. Love that last photo!!! He is adorable!

  2. HOW SWEET! and i LOVE that last pic--so cracks me up. ;)


  3. So much cuteness in one post! it sounds like you two have soo much fun together!

  4. SO SO sweet! I love that he's a red dirt eating boy. hehe. Nothing better then that! :)

  5. He looks so adorable and so intellegent, I love the picture with your kids toy in the mouth.