December 22, 2013

2 years rylan.

is this real life?

i cannot believe this day has come,

the day that i can no longer call you my baby.

the time to no longer count in months, but in years.

2 years old, my precious son,

my first born.

i catch tiny glimpses of the little man you are becoming every day-in the way your neck has slimmed up right along with your cheeks and your belly, your little boy hair that sticks up in all sorts of unimaginable directions after bedtime, how your "uh-huh's" and no's have suddenly taken on meaning, the way you always want to do everything yourself, and in the expression on your face as you concentrate on something new.

i still remember when i laid my eyes on you for the first time. it was like all my dreams coming true at once, all the love in the world ever felt all at once to where my heart could just burst and you were mine. my son.

sharing these past two years with you has been the best and i feel like i've known you a lifetime. i am the luckiest to get to share my days with you.

i praise the Lord for blessing me with your tiny sweet soul and i pray for many more years of life together, as well as an eternity.

and forgive me, but i may just continue to call you my baby anyway because, although time changes everything, i'll always remember the day i locked eyes with you, the sweetest baby boy in the whole wide world and that baby will always be mine.

i'm a fool for you.

love you forever,



  1. So sweetly written.
    Happy Birthday little man!!

  2. what a big boy! happy birthday!! enjoy him and your sweet girl :)

  3. Beautiful letter to your beautiful boy! They grow up so quickly but yep, they will always be our babies :) Happy 2nd birthday little guy!!