March 19, 2012

we like to play games...

This past weekend we stayed in a lot and the hubs and I were reacquainted with our long lost love for playing games. We did a little Jenga and Balderdash. I know Jenga's an "oldie but a goodie", but it was actually my first time to play. Even though Mr. Baker won I enjoyed it. He's a little better at understanding physics so basically he's a nerd. ;)


  1. aww what a fun weekend! I love playing Jenga! I will have to pull the game out of the basement! Love the artsy picture of your little babe!


    Erin @

  2. Jenga! Don't even remember that last time I played that game, but I'm kind of tempted to go out and buy it again. That last picture is so great!!

  3. love jenga! haven't played it in years, but these images sure bring back a lot of great memories.

  4. Lol, I love that last picture! So cute! Jenga is an old school classic- such a fun game!

  5. Jenga is such a fun game! I sued to play it all the time growing up. Seeing this post really makes me want to get it out of the closet and start playing again :)

    Little Lady Little City