March 27, 2012

New Mommy: Lessons Learned

Always, I repeat, always at all times have a burp rag or two with baby.

Clean now means there is only a little spit up on it.

Do not fill the bathtub up completely. You will just end up draining it because he will pee.

Wait at least 15 minutes after he eats to change his diaper or you will end up with a poopy mess, ruining at least a diaper or two.

Do not hold your iphone over your baby's still fusing head...ouch...sorry bubba.

Burn the fingernail clippers.

Do not get the bright idea to put your vibrating electric toothbrush on your baby's foot. He will kick it down your throat.

Keep your hair back. He will rip it out, leaving you balding. ;)

Watch out for those sharp fingernails that you are no longer clipping due to the infamous fingernail clipping incident. Be especially aware while he's eating. He will claw your chest like a ravenous tiger.

Make sure his diaper is on nice and snug or he will wiggle his way right out of it, thus resulting in a pee puddle.

He is still working on his neck strength so watch out for his special move: the headbutt. Also, make sure he does not sling his head into the mirror while looking at himself. He's dangerous I tell ya.

If you take him out in his carseat and end up unbuckling him at some point, make sure to buckle him back up when you put him in the car. Don't worry folks, we didn't make it very far and I hopped in the backseat and buckled him back up.

Do NOT forget the paci!

Also, keep an eye on daddy...he's still learning too :)

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Hope you are having a great week!


  1. Always buckle your little one into their swing....otherwise there is a slight chance that he may just tip right out! (poor baby, scared me more than him!)

  2. Clean now means there is only a little spit up on it.

    that's my favorite! :p Love all the lessons! you're doing a great job! Keep it up!

  3. Great pointers! Us new mommies can definitely learn from each other. Chest clawing is one of my favorites at the moment, ha! Here's my list:

  4. Thank you for this! I'm due in 3 weeks and having a little boy as well. I love all the advice!

  5. all things i'll definitely have to remember when the time comes. so hilarious about the bath tub ;)
    xo TJ

  6. too funny! i would totally be the mom to put the vibrating toothbrush on the foot. oops. that is awesome.

  7. Also....never underestimate the quickness of a little one's grabbing hands, no matter how chubby they may be. I've nearly had my earrings pulled through my holes numerous times due to this underestimation. :)

    I love all these...they perfectly encapsulate what being a new mother involves. I just can't get over the glasses's so cute, I even had to show it to my husband. :)

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  8. Oh so cute..
    Mine is almost two now and he still pees in the tub and kicks and scratches.. and only with more strength.. enjoy :) It's worth every moment

  9. this just cracked me up!!! like laughing out loud :)

  10. I like it! =) And thank you for the wishes!

  11. I don't have kids but my sister has two boys and I remember her talking about some of these you listed. Very funny.

  12. I'm going through all these! I agree with the burp rag advice. I always have one or two on my shoulder. She's constantly spitting up on me. Yes, I've even started wearing an apron around the house!! Need all the protection I can get!! :-)

  13. love this post. i just babysat my friends little 7 month old this past weekend & boy was it a learning experience! ha! SO much fun! but i definitely got barfed on... more than once. :)))

  14. Love the post. These tips are perfect