February 26, 2013

morning sickness & boxing?

so where have i been the past few weeks?? if you've been wondering, not that i'm that special or anything,  i've met up with my ol' friend 'morning sickness' back in the boxing ring again. (if you missed it, little announcement here)

you see, pregnancy and i, we just don't jive very well. i'm talking kicked when i'm down-ish stuff. and not for just your typical "round" either. no, no, we like to hash it out over the long haul. i'm talking the whole 9 months.

also why in the world they (whoever they is) call it morning sickness is beyond me. it's more like "all day" or "any time you want to eat" sickness. well, at least that's how it goes for me anyway.

so far this pregnancy has followed the same course as last time. i'm on a new medication for the nausea. that makes 3 in total that i've tried.

don't get me wrong, i'm happy. i feel very blessed to have this new life growing inside of me and i remain hopeful.

i just may look more like a tired, sluggish, sick, hopeful momma these days. so bear with me for a little while will ya? :)


  1. Ugg so sorry to hear you are facing morning sickness again!!! :( Hope it doesn't last the WHOLE 9 months!! Yep, so silly that it is called morning sickness!

  2. Ugh so sorry to hear you're sick :( that is never any fun! Honestly I never so much as even felt sick to my stomach once when pregnant. I was so blessed. Hang in there.. I hope those meds kick in!

  3. omg, I completely agree! I think a man came up with the whole "morning" part because obviously this person didnt experience it. lol. I personally had more of "evening" sickness when I was pregnant.
    Oh and just an fyi, you might want to check out my post today, its actually about taking prenatals, Premama has a new product out thats a drink mix instead of pills. More info and giveaway on my blog if youd like to check it out
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  4. Hope you start to feel better - that sounds terrible!

    The Hartungs Blog

  5. I can totally relate to you. I was sick everyday the entire time with my first and my second was even worse. I feel your pain and hope that you get lucky enough for it to go away soon!!

  6. I feel your pain. Though my morning sickness wasn't as bad. It came strong in the first trimester, disappeared in the second, and then thought it would be fun to reappear in the third for a short bit.
    I hope you don't have 9 months of the stuff!!

  7. Hopefully this new medicine works! Morning sickness is the worst

  8. So sorry :(. Praying you feel better soon!