April 18, 2014

27 months.

so, potty training.

will it be the death of me?

i can see it now,

dearly beloved mother
death by potty training

this has been by far the hardest part of parenting you. we've tried potty training with you two other times and this time we decided to dive right in head first. mickey undies. that's right. we heard from the "experts", whoever they may be, that it's best to just move straight to underwear and that the accidents are the best way to learn. who are they kidding?! the first day you peed every mickey undie in the house! we've been at it for over a month now and you have good days and bad, but we're sticking it out.

oh and #2's! you like to refer to them as "snake". oh. my. gosh. typing that out just kills me! your wife is going to have some good stuff on you one day :).

some things that seem to work for us: telling you not to pee pee on mickey, "look daddy wears undies too", "if you have to go potty-STOP-and go right away"-thanks for that daniel tiger ;), and skittles-kid definitely has an opinion about these kinds of things and chocolate chips are not an acceptable alternative. that and staying calm. daddy has done a great job at this and i think he's been the key here.

oh and get this, you earned your big boy bed by stripping down to your diaper, removing it and peeing in your crib! so congratulations to you!

some favorite sayings:


"oops, my bad."

"oh ma'am." (instead of oh man)

"no way!"

"get snake out."

"yes, i did."

"oh. my. gosh."

"hi friends."

"hi _____. what yn doin'?"

"sowwy momma. yunidntyudonthavetosay sowwy." aka you didn't do anything, you don't have to say sorry.

p.s. where are all the people who say they potty trained their kids in 3 days??? let me at em'!! or better yet come on over-he's all yours! good luck! ;)

even during these "trying twos" you are still one of my favorite people.

i love you so much and can't wait to see you on the "other side" -dry mickey undies and all :)

love you forever,


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  1. Sorry potty training has been such a struggle!!! :/ Even though Lids trained quickly, we had one week months later where she acted as if she had never been trained at all... and then she decided to do that again this week.. although not quite as bad!!! Arrrrg!! Toddlers!! So frustrating. Don't worry, he will get there. Lots of cute sayings this month! What a handsome guy.