April 9, 2014

6 months.

we are so proud that you actually fit your clothes at the right age! rylan always tends to be on the smaller end of things so this is new to us! way to go (as if you really have anything to do with this, but whatever)!

getting you to smile is some hard work. you are not impressed by my funny faces. why so serious lady?

we've been feeding you at the table with us more recently and just moved you on to green veggies. i know you're excited to try some greens! that cereal was just not your thing.

you are still our little drama queen. shots are the worst. and wiping your nose is a knock-down, drag-out. i avoid it like the plague.

you've been sleeping from 9 pm to 7 am and we are quite impressed. keep up the good work and we'll be promoting you to your very own room sweet girl!

you are just growing and growing and really starting to grow on me. you know, i kind of like you :). i'm loving getting to know you these days.

some of your favorite things: being outside, being worn in the baby carrier and watching your brother. oh and your new teething elephant, ellie.

we love seeing you and rylan interact more and can't wait to watch you two become the best of friends.

love you forever,



  1. Pretty girl. And seriously, EVERYTHING you just said (minus the drama queen part) sounds just like Asher. ;) She is a doll.

  2. So cute! Sydney has never wore the right size for her age. Lol. She will be five this year and can wear 12 to 18 month shorts. Lol

  3. Aww she is so pretty. I wonder if my next baby will be bigger. With Lids she never came close to fitting into clothes at the age they said. Great sleeping, girlie!! :)