May 16, 2014

28 months.

so yeah, lots of things going on with you over the past month or so. still in the process of potty training you (it's going much better these days-cheers!) and you seem to be getting the hang of your big boy bed aka mattress on the floor. we are in the process of finding the perfect new bed :).

you were the ring bearer in your aunt pay-pay's wedding this month and you did a great job! i was so proud! i will never forget watching you walk down the aisle to me and realizing as you got closer that you were "shooting me" with the stick in your hand. seriously. day. made. no, life made.

but really you are the most ornery little boy on the planet. and i can't help but fall for you. guess i'm a bit drawn to the "bad boy" in you ;).

you are so contrary. sometimes to get you to eat something we tell you not to eat it and what do you know-you do! reverse psychology for the win! did you know we are fantastic parents?

oh yeah, and growing up. yeah, i really hate that part. you've been doing a lot of it lately. at the wedding you wanted to dance by yourself, you want to sit on the "big" potty without momma steadying you, trying to feed you something on a spoon is pure torture, and you've been kind of a daddy's boy lately.

i'm trying to accept all of these things because i know it's reality.

sweet little boys grow up,

but you will always be mine,

no matter how big.

love you forever,


p.s. favorite sayings: "hairs lookin' good" and "lookin' good momma". what a charmer you are ;).

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