May 10, 2014

7 months tenley.

sweet little lady you are on the move! well, it's a bit of a "drag" crawl right now, but it's a crawl none-the-less.

oh and those two tiny teeth. i'm dying over them.

and we may be total failures in the baby food department with you, but i'm pretty sure you don't mind. you'll take some milk to go with a side of milk and a glass of milk to wash it down ;). you know, baby #2 stuff.


oh, ma'am, but you are so much fun lately! i think you might actually be a momma's girl these days! that's a first.

you are so ticklish and when we're putting you to bed at night you're in the best mood of the day. like, seriously, throwing a party.

i can't believe how far we've come with you.

my little girl.

love you forever,


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