August 8, 2014

a big boy room.

rylan's "big boy" room has been a work in progress for a while now. i had a couple of items from ikea in mind to replace the dark wood furniture that we had in his nursery so we had to do some online shopping. and waiting. we met a few bumps in the road along the way and after spending literally hours on the phone with ikea and explaining to my neighbors that we aren't just listening to elevator music for fun (if you're gonna keep me on hold that long you could at least play some greatest hits from the 90's to smooth things over) we received the final missing package. or packages. whatever. did you know that if you are missing just one of the packages to your ikea piece of furniture they mail all of the packages regardless? weird, i know. so now we're sitting over here with two of the three packages for an extra mandal dresser. who knows what we're going to do with it. i'm not even about to get back on the phone with ikea and ask them what to do!

a couple of things have been added since these pics were taken and i didn't even get a photo of the mandal dresser (except the top of it pictured above), but it's there and we love it!

bed: the sundvik bed from ikea
bedding: the eivor ord duvet cover and pillow case from ikea, quilt: gift
world map pillow case: similar here
banner: DIY
tee-pee: DIY
toy box: gift
rylan letters and baseball decor: hobby lobby
baseball gloves and shadow boxes: thrift store find
canvas hamper: babies r us
dresser: the mandal dresser from ikea

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