August 4, 2014

two and a half.

you're like a little ray of sunshine everywhere you go just spreading light, joy, happiness. i want to be just like you. except for the tantrums, you know, not publicly acceptable for adults and all.

you love to talk and you're pretty good at it i might add. one guy told us that you should be doing the NBC nightly news! i'd be sure to tune in to see that! if i'm ever being too quiet you say, "mommy talk!". bossy too. i can barely keep up ;).

some favorite sayings:

-"mommy whadyou fhank?" aka mommy whatcha think?
-"belax" aka relax
-"i see you hiney!"
-"whatchu doin'?"

you've been obsessed with Siri on our iphones lately. you like to ask what's she's doing. i tell you she's taking a nap ;). one night when you were praying you even thanked Jesus for her! i tried to hold the laughs in, but i lost it! lots of character in you kid.

you have become one of my best friends over the past two and a half years. you are simply one of the most amazing souls on earth and i'm blessed to call you my son. you've changed me, challenged me, made me a better person, and drawn me to my Savior like never before. two and a half years of being abundantly blessed by your life and yet a lifetime with you would never be enough. so here's to more nights praying for your little heart to one day be His and for an eternity together with Him.

p.s. you're a great big brother. minus all the pushing, you know, and the hitting. you're just trying to teach her to stick up for herself, right?

love you forever baby,


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