December 1, 2014

rylan and the threenager.

i'm calling today the "day of the poops".

by 11 am i had already changed three horrendous poopy tenley diapers in the span of three hours (or less?), so yes, that equals out to about one poop per hour (that's a lot of poopin'!).

then an hour or so later, after i had just given the kids a bath (lunch is messy y'all!), i tried to squeeze in a quick potty break for myself. i finished washing my hands and *CLINK* i hear the toilet lid go up in the kids' bathroom (this is NOT a good sign). i literally sprint to the other bathroom and there rylan stands. poop smeared all over his butt, holding his dirty poopy undies over the toilet trying to dump the poop from them into it's proper place. i'm mortified. i feel my brain starting to explode. and i'm certain there was steam coming from my ears. he dropped the undies in the toilet and all i can think to do is squeeze the water out of them and trash em'. i then proceed to deal with the poop on the hiney and straight to the tub for bath numero dos he went.


the days are long and hard, but i love this age, really i do. it may kill me, but i love it.

it hit me today, as birthday number three is approaching, that in the same amount of time that has already passed from this next birthday forward you will be SIX! that's just impossible. i'm declaring a worldwide age stoppage right this instance! as long as we can get our poops in the correct spot that is ;).

our rylan is becoming mr. independent. "i do it." he says. and i just sit back and watch. mistakes are made along the way, but i'm right there for every moment. to teach him, correct him and guide him. and oh, when he gets things right, what a bittersweet day.

he's saying some of the best things these days too. that's probably my favorite thing right now. like the other day during dinner we were going around the table asking each other questions like "what was your favorite thing we did today?" and he asks daddy, "what was the perfect thing you saw?". isn't that just the best question ever?! i was so proud. i pray that you grow into a man who asks questions and digs deep into the souls of the people you love. oh, and one night while getting you dressed we had a long conversation about how God made us, "He made your feet, and legs and arms, and your beautiful eyes" and at the very end of it all you exclaim, "gigi has three eyes too!". seriously, the best things are coming from this mouth of yours.

and let us not forget, cory. yes, cory. your imaginary friend who we are now using to get you to finish your cheeseburgers. we were sitting at braum's the other night and there was an extra chair and you asked me who was sitting there and i said no one. you were delighted to tell me that cory would be joining us in the open seat. you then claimed him to be your "best buddy" so i dug in a bit more...

me: "what color is cory's hair?"

you: "red."

me: "what color are his eyes?"

you: "green."

daddy: "is he tall or short?"

you: "tall."

daddy: "taller than me?"

you: "yeah."

the description was pure genius.

what an imagination.

but then there's the threenager. i don't know why no one ever told me about the threenager, but it's true and we aren't even technically there yet. there's the bossiness and the stubbornness too. along with a healthy dose of entitlement. and i'm pretty sure you've told everyone in the house to "obey" you at some point or another. and the fits. yeah. perfectly done kid. to a "T". i honestly wouldn't even have the energy to put on one of your little fits much less two, or three, or however many you're pulling off these days. i'm holding out hope that the teenage years won't hold a candle to this. i guess we'll see.

there are lots of sweet times too though. like when you ask me to sing you one more song or to lay with you when i'm putting you to bed. and how during your first movie in the theater you kept saying, "mommy wook at dis!". and when you get scared of something (like going on the elevator) you cling to my leg. makes my heart want to burst.

so although these days may be long and hard, they are some of the best because of you.

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  1. Oh momma - I cried reading this post because my little SJ will be three in the new year too and I can relate to this whole post. The frustration of cleaning poop off the slide at a kids party last week when she had an accident, to her telling me how to drive slowly and not forget my seat belt to her asking for one last tickle and snuggle before bed. Loving these sweet moments x