February 20, 2015

the walking dead, walking babies and stuff.

well, it's been awhile since my last post so i thought i'd pipe in for a bit while i'm feeling up to it.

i vividly remember several days during nap time where i thought to myself, "i should write". bless my poor hustling soul! i mean every single time. nothing was prying this ol' body off the couch. i've been tired yo. two up and at it babes will do it to you. oh yeah, first things first though the baby (who's not really a baby anymore *insert crying whining sad face*) girl is finally walking! it only took her 15 months, but i'm not complaining and i honestly don't know how i convinced myself both times that i was ready for them to walk. dead wrong on both occasions.

speaking of dead, we've recently developed a thing for the walking dead, you know, the tv show. i know, i know, we are way behind, but the husband signed us up for a free trial of netflix and it's been non-stop walking dead after the kids are in bed (did that just rhyme?). and we are totally not zombie people. i don't know how they do it. plus, i've trained myself to look away during the gory parts and have only had nightmares once, so there's that.

oh and the little boy is up to all the best things. i know i say it all the time but three has got to be my favorite. plus, we're finally potty trained. so the two's can kiss it on that one.

here's some favorite convos and/or things he's said:

me: "you got pepper on your tooth!"

ry: "cheeeeeeese!"

me: "do i have pepper on my teeth?"

ry: "nooooooo, you got a burger on you teeth!"

/ / /

(wanting me to play with his hair) ry: "can you pet me mom?"

/ / /

me: "ry do you want another baby?"

ry: "yes."

me: "do you want a boy or a girl baby?"

ry: "boy. can we have another boy? can we have another rylan baker?"

/ / /

"hold my hand so we can dance."

/ / /

(to me at bedtime) "i want you to lay here a minute, k?"

/ / /

(ry translating for tenley to us a breakfast) "she said i'm eating get out of my spaceship!"

/ / /

"no! don't shoot me! i'm a doctor!"

/ / /

(tenley crying in the car) "tenley cut it out!"..."tenley cut it out! i don't need that! ten...listen. ten listen to me. i'll get you something if you be good and not cry."

the other day we went and visited a mother's day out program that we are considering for rylan in the fall. my emotions are all over the place about it. i know he will do great with whatever we decide, but i've been there for all of the moments and i don't want to miss a thing (*cue singing*). the reality that he's growing up is hitting me square in the face every day now. i'm finding less and less crumbs under his seat at the table and i'm asking more and more of him-the fetching of the diapers and the clothes and such, and he's specifically told us that he's not a baby, he's a boy, he's just rylan. as we were leaving the  mother's day out program that we were checking out, he says to me, "i want to go to school." my heart just crumbled on the floor.

a couple of days later, we were playing in our "classroom" at home and he says the most precious words a stay at home mommy can hear, "mom, i'm so happy you be home with me."

and all was right in the world.

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  1. K so cute! I stumbled upon your blog and you have such cute kids! Kids are so funny, I nanny a 3 & 5 year old and they seriously say THE funniest things :)