About Us

i'm hailey.
i grew up in small town oklahoma and spent my childhood on a farm.
at 18, i moved off, became a Sooner and met the love of my life.
you can now find me living in the oklahoman suburbs pretending to be domestic and fit in with the city folk, but the faint rumble of a train in the distance always takes me back.
 along for the ride: our little man, Rylan, our little lady, Tenley, and our two trusty pups.
i am extremely sentimental and nostalgic and the mr. says i'm a bit dramatic. 
pass me an old photo album and a box of tissues and i'm as good as golden.  
my weakness: dr. pepper & cookies, but never at the same time. that's just silly.
did i mention i'm a dental hygienist?
oh, and i'm always late.

Mr. Baker is a banker with a bachelor's in finance and master's in economics from OU. he handles the money if you couldn't tell. we are college sweethearts and have been married 6 years now. more here

Rylan was born on December 22, 2011.  More here

Tenley was born on September 16th, 2013. More here.



we are blessed beyond words.