October 7, 2013

a birth story: "she's got rolls!"

that's probably the first thing i heard.

"she's got rolls!"

followed shortly by, "look at all that hair!"

i remember thinking-is that really her?

i guess i expected you to look a little more like your brother.

but there you were with the blackest of black hair, rolls for days and the biggest eyes i've ever seen.


it was a monday, my last visit before i was to be induced that thursday. turns out i was dilated to 5 cm and 90% effaced. my nurse practitioner claimed that if i was 6-7 cm they would have me go straight to the hospital. however, after asking how far we live from the hospital (40 minutes) she left to chat with the doctor. the next thing i know my doctor is telling me it's my call if i want to have the baby today or wait until thursday. 

after freaking out for a few, we finally decided to head to the hospital. i took rylan to a friend's house while nick finished packing our bags. we made it to the hospital around 12:45-1:00 pm.

and just like last time, i was rushed in and hooked up (that darn blood pressure cuff!).

(last pic as the three musketeers)

around 1:50 pm my water was broke and there was meconium, poor baby girl-good choice on going to the hospital today says my doctor :)

2:30 pm i got my epidural. 

at 4:00 pm i was dilated to 7 cm.

at 4:35 pm i was 10 cm.

my doctor had somewhere to be that evening and had actually already said her goodbyes to us (which i was bummed about since she delivered rylan) because she wasn't expecting me to have the baby so fast. but for a second time we proved them wrong! i got my doctor in the middle of the shift change!

i pushed for about 15-20 minutes and let me tell you, those last few minutes were the most excruciating minutes of my life. apparently my epidural didn't work too well. i kept telling the nurses that i could still feel my legs and feet and they reassured me that it was fine. i assure you that i was not. my family could hear me screaming down the hall. when rylan was born i didn't feel a thing or hardly make a peep. i'm listening to my instincts next time. oy...

good thing she came fast! my doctor said her head didn't even have time to shape in the canal-it was perfectly round and my tailbone will be in recovery for weeks for it!

at 5:09 pm on September 16th we welcomed Tenley Lane Baker into the world. 7 lbs 7 oz and 19 in. 

black hair, rolls, double chin, and the biggest, brightest, bluest eyes in all of oklahoma.

i still can't say for sure who you look like or who you act like for that matter. i've been calling you 'weird girl'...i know, i know i'm a terrible parent! but you are so different from your brother-you hate your arms swaddled, you weren't a fan of the paci for awhile, you're a restless sleeper and your cry is drama-filled! i have a strange feeling we are in for it with you! your daddy says you are like me though so i guess that makes two weird girls :)

can't wait to get to know you more Tenley Lane.


  1. Congrats!!! She is adorable! That black hair is stunning! Sweet sweet family.

  2. awe i love. welcome tenley! :) can't wait to see her grow

  3. Oh my gosh,she is amazing! Congratulations.

  4. She is PERFECT!!!
    Your family is absolutely gorgeous.
    Congratulations to you all!!

  5. These pictures make me want to cry! So sweet. I can't believe how dark her hair is!!! She is beautiful just like her momma : )

  6. My gosh, that dark hair!! :) She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! She is so perfect and I love rolls and dark hair x

  8. She is beautiful. Congratulations on your new addition.