January 16, 2012

Courtney & Courtney

Today I am featuring two friends: Courtney & Courtney.

Both are creative and passionate. One through her love for children of the world and one through her photography.

First up: Courtney ;)

She and her husband are good friends of ours who are adopting from Ethiopia. While they are waiting on their precious child, they are going to be reaching out to orphans in Guatemala through a ministry called Eagles Nest. They are fundraising to help cover the cost of their travels and to help support the ministry.

(necklace not included-charm only)

Courtney had the bright idea to make these little nest charms to help people remember to pray for the children at Eagles Nest. As she calls it, a nest for "the nest". The charms are $8.00 and come in five color variations. Check them out!

Next up: Courtney ;)

Courtney's husband works with Mr. Baker-they are two nerdy number crunching guys-just kidding boys ;). I am so glad that hubs was able to connect me to Courtney and her photography. Check out her website-Oh My Dear and follow her on Facebook. She is so sweet and takes amazing pictures. I highly recommend her. Here are a few pics from our maternity and newborn sessions. Enjoy :)



rylan smiley

Rylan portrait

Happy MLK Day!! :)


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