January 2, 2012



Mr. Baker and I are the self proclaimed king and queen of nicknames. Baby boy has already acquired several.

Pea-knuckle: This was your first nickname ever. It was given the day we found out about you. One of the best days of our lives :)

Hiccup machine: One of my favorite things while you were in my belly were your tiny hiccups. Thus the nickname. The name fits even better now and it's so fun to see you with your hiccups in person, although I don't think you're the biggest fan of them.

Mr. Squiggles: A kicker and a squirmer you were! Tiny knees, feet, elbows all over the place! Arching your back was also a signature move.

Honey Badger: This one is from daddy. I think he stole it from a football player-he thinks you're fearless ;)

This one just comes natural.

Sugar: You're a sweetie and sugar man was daddy's nickname from your Gram.

Ry dog, Ry-Ry, Ry man: annnnnd any other "Ry" versions.

Along with all the cute-sy barnyard and wild animal names you can think of :)

It's going to be fun naming you over the years.

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