January 17, 2012

Surprising & Amazing

It's surprising how much laundry I've been doing lately. Load...after load...after load...How does this little man dirty so many things?!


It's amazing how therapeutic a hot shower and some alone time can be. Shout out to my awesome hubs for baby watching so I can enjoy this small luxury.

It's surprising how often I/my clothes now seem to have a faint scent of a mix of baby and milk. My new momma perfume I guess-thanks little man ;)---hence the first surprising statement above.

It's amazing how much my baby boy has already grown. I'm trying to slow still frames in my mind that capture how little he is/was, but he keeps changing right before my eyes!

It's surprising how much my body now craves caffeine.

It's amazing how long I can look into my baby's eyes.

It's surprising how such a tiny person can make such manly bodily noises. He has perfected the timing of them as well. ;)

It's amazing how a small Dr. Pepper from Sonic can now brighten my day. I need the extra kick these days.

It's surprising how well you can still function on such little uninterrupted sleep.

It's amazing how much you can do with one hand. I always prided myself in being such a talented multi-tasker, but my level of multitasking has drastically improved. I now wish I had two extra hands ;). Hold pacifier in, rock baby, type...


It's surprising how many diapers I have already changed. I like to make a game of it now, seeing how quickly and efficiently I can get it done. My form is on it's way to becoming unparalleled by others.

It's amazing loving someone this much in such a short amount of time.

It's surprising how quickly life has changed...BUT...

It's amazing how much I love being mommy.


Best. Thing. Ever.


  1. aw, you, your family and your blog are just darling. can't wait to experience all of these things first hand. especially the power to multitask and do things with one hand. i need to learn how to do that!
    xo TJ

  2. That final picture is just beautiful. I hope you have a gorgeous frame for it. R x


  3. visited your blogs-I am now following you both!

  4. you are very sweet...<3


  5. I love the last picture! So cute!


  6. Beautiful baby and beautiful mom :)


  7. I saw your comment on Caseys blog and just had to check you out.
    I am so glad that I did!
    What a gorgeous family. And I really enjoy your writing.
    : )


  8. Just found your blog! excited to follow! Your little baby is beautiful!
    This is probably random but I think I have the same template as you, and I'm quite new at this, so I was wondering how you changed your page tab? Can't figure it out! xxx


  9. your little man is the cutest!! im not a mom yet but look forward to all the amazing things like the ones you posted about :-)

  10. I just discovered your blog. Your family is just adorable I cant stop reading :)