February 27, 2012

an unwelcome week

I've been trying to avoid this week since longer than I can remember. Last night we moved baby boy from his bassinet to the pack and play. I'm glad that we are taking small steps in moving him to his crib otherwise I would be a complete mess. If it were up to me little man would stay in our room forever. But that's just weird. Unless my plan to keep him little really comes true...I'm still hoping. It was so funny seeing him this morning-all swaddled up in his cocoon he had managed to wiggle himself on the complete opposite side of the pack and play! I'm glad he did well in it even though it hurts to see him growing so fast already. I remember when he looked so tiny in his bassinet and now he fills it completely from head to toe. 

Tonight I have to leave my baby boy for the first time. I haven't left him for more than about 30-45 minutes. Stupid two night 4 hour long CPR course! Seriously, it doesn't take that long to learn CPR people! I could perform CPR on the entire class 5x in that amount of time!

And the main reason that brought me to dreading this week: Ry's 2 month shots tomorrow morning. I'm so not looking forward to this. I don't know who is going to be more upset, me or my precious little man. ugh. wish me luck.


  1. That is a bummer of a week! I'll be praying for ya!

  2. Ugh no fun all around! I bet it's cool seeing Ry do new things, though! And shots are better than being sick! Right? Ha, I'm trying to look on the bright side. I don't know if I can do that with 2 4-hour CPR courses : ( Good luck!



  3. hope the shots go okay and its not to traumatic for you or him!

  4. Ohhh so sad. I have a 6 month old (Ugh, it goes way too fast!) and we didn't move him out of our room until he was 4 months old...it's so hard! And for the shots... :( I wish you the best of luck. For me though, my little guy was only upset for a few minutes...and then was just tired for the rest of the day. I suggest lots of snuggling...you'll need it too! :) Anyway, found your blog a few weeks ago and just love it! It brings me back to when my guy was smaller :)
    Thanks for the reminders!

  5. awe best of luck dear. You will be a strong mama i know it! :)

  6. I hope the shots go well. I was so unprepared for my firstborns that I actually cried at the doctors office. I was laughing at myself later, but it was just so sad to see him crying. I know you will do great! Enjoy him being so little :)

  7. They grow up so fast. My little guy isn't even here yet and I'm already dreading him growing up!


  8. I have been thinking about you today! None of the above is fun, and I don't know which part is the worst. You'll have to tweet me & let me know how you did at CPR training, I mean being away from him. When I was working in the dental field we had take those classes what seemed like all the time-so I hear ya!

  9. I hope his shots go ok! Im always excited to see how much Owen weighs and how long he is but dread the getting shots part.

  10. oh no! sending many prayers your way. i know everything will be okay! :)
    xo TJ