October 24, 2012

10 months baby. (10/22/12)

this month came a lot quicker than the others. maybe it's because i've been chasing you all over the house or maybe it's because i just can't possibly keep up.

i never knew time could go so fast, but here you are cruising around the table, which we can no longer keep things on, clapping your hands, mimicking our voices, and growing into a little man.

you're still crawling around like a mad man, no more army crawl though, and you have now ventured into every room in the house. one of your favorite things is opening and closing doors. you also like turning on and off the lights and the trusty door stop is still big on your list. your little blue bunny finger puppet seems to be your favorite toy. you dig and dig through the toy basket until you find him! oh and i can't forget your love for messing with the buttons on the side of the tv-"you're killing me smalls!" as your daddy would say.

this past month we began feeding you at the dinner table with us. you are now eating three solid meals a day and you love everything we give you, even red onions! you've quickly become our good little eater and you get upset if we aren't sharing our food with you! now if you could just put on some weight mr. metabolism!

your toothy grin is my favorite. you've got two little teeth on bottom and one coming in on top!

your standing and balance continues to improve every day and i can tell that you can't wait to walk! i'm sure i'll be hearing the sound of little bare feet before i know it.

so for now i'll continue to enjoy you, my little crawler, and our naps together on the couch and hope for time to slow.

love you baby boy,



  1. First, your little boys is precious! I have a 14 month old who is a master crawler, but hasn't gotten enough courage to take steps on his own yet. Love hearing about the shenanigans yours gets into because it only gets more fun!!!!!
    But I do have a question, that is totally unrelated to this post. I noticed that you have .blogspot.com in your url, as do i, and it recently said that my picasa web album was full and i could not upload anymore pictures on my blog unless i pay a certain amount per month! I went and deleted one picture to see what it would do and it disappeared from my blog. Have you had this happen yet? Any suggestions? Do you pay anything? Thanks!


  2. He is getting so big, not to mention more adorable by the month!

  3. @jessica-i haven't ran into that problem yet, but i know i'm getting close. the only thing i know to suggest is an online photo storage like flikr, photobucket etc...but most of those have some sort of limit as well. hope that helps!

  4. He is so cute! Happy 10 months!