October 22, 2012

momma, you know i love you.

have i ever told you that i'm overly sentimental sometimes? because i most certainly am, and in all actuality i'm probably 70/30 overly sentimental/normal sentimental. ok maybe more like 80/20, but who's counting, right? well, today is my momma's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!! and as expected i'm feeling overly sentimental and nostalgic.

last night i kept thinking about our life together and how different things are now. had i really known what it meant as i sat on my dorm room bed 8 years ago i probably would have cried. we would never live together again. ever. but i was 18, going on 19, and it didn't occur to me.

now i have my own family and my own baby and life goes round and round. i guess this is what God meant when He talked about man (or in this case wo-man ;) leaving his father and mother.

mom, i am thankful for those 18 years that we had together under the same roof. for all the tears you dried, games you watched, songs you sang, and love you gave. although it makes me sad to think about rylan growing up and leaving to start his own family one day, i am now comforted in the fact that though many things will change, the love will stay the same.

i love you momma.
happy birthday.


  1. moms are the best <3 happy birthday to yours!

  2. Oh wow, first pic is beautiful! Happy Bday to your pretty mom!

    Xx Elisa

  3. Aww happy birthday to your mama!! It looks like you two have an amazing relationship! :)

  4. Happy birthday to your mom and all the moms that are born today! =) They rock!

  5. What a sweet momma post! There something special between mothers and daughters that is so unique. Happy birthday to her!

  6. I absolutely am obsessed with your blog post. Good mommas are hard to find and I think it's awesome that you gave yours a shout out on the blog. I'm new follower. Haven't been on in a while but I'm back. :)

    Have a great week.

  7. Happy happy birthday to your precious mama. Such a beautiful post x

  8. What a beautiful write up about your Momma...happy birthday to her <3