April 16, 2013

my baby.

it's started to sink in that my baby will no longer be my "baby" when this new little one comes along.  

big brother.

it's hard to take in right now. i'm feeling all sorts of emotions about it and the pregnancy hormones don't help. it's one of the most bittersweet things i can imagine, watching one baby grow up, taking on a new role in life and then welcoming another in his place.

it's the weirdest of feelings, a mix of loss and gain that i most definitely can't describe in its entirety.

whenever the sadness starts to creep in i remind myself that i still have 5 months with this baby sitting in front of me. 5 whole months with rylan as my baby. 5 whole months to kiss his chubby cheeks and to dance around the living room. just me and him.

i'm doing my best to just soak it all in. i love you baby.
both of you.


  1. So crazy to think he will be a big brother- he looks so small to me!! They will be the best of friends

  2. Aww beautiful. I can't imagine what that feels like to you now and how it will feel when Lids is no longer my baby. An odd feeling indeed. Enjoy these next 5 months though and then you will get to enjoy him as the wonderful big brother he will become! :)

  3. so precious!


  4. I'm not even pregnant and I'm tearing up as if I were!
    Rylan will always be your baby. They both will. :)

  5. He will still be and will always be your baby (:

  6. These are such great pictures!

  7. beautiful. such a milestone you're reaching!

    I love that first photo with the grumpy face =)



  8. I am not a mommy yet but from what I know from all my mama friends he will always be your baby. Love the photos!

  9. I've been having the same feelings! Sometimes I just rock Joseph and cry thinking about it.