July 11, 2013

remembering God's faithfulness/the scare.

you ever have those moments where all of a sudden you're brought to tears?

i did today.

this happens on occasion for me pregnancy hormones or not.

i was remembering God's faithfulness.

side note: i get so frustrated sometimes at the Israelites and all the times they forget about God's faithfulness to them-i mean c'mon He parted the red sea for you guys for crying out loud! and yet we do the same thing.

but i'm thankful when i have these moments and am brought to tears remembering God's faithfulness to us.

you see this pregnancy hasn't been easy. at about 11-12 weeks we had a major scare. that morning i went in to the hospital with nick and rylan for routine blood work. afterwards, we ran a couple of errands and then headed home. i was having some cramping, but didn't really think anything of it. once we pulled into the garage i stood up to get out of the car and i felt a gush of something. -now those of you who have been pregnant know about the occasional bladder control issues so i was thinking maybe that was my problem and quickly made my way to the bathroom.

red was all i saw.

my heart sank. i began repeating to myself over and over again, "this isn't happening, this isn't happening". i yelled for nick. and i could tell by his face that he was crushed too because there's no way you have that much blood loss and everything be ok when you're pregnant.

i quickly rinsed off in the shower and we made our way back to the hospital. we prayed anyway.

we were taken back to a room after what seemed like an eternity and i had more blood work done. finally an ultrasound. we expected the worst, but prayed for the best. then we saw our baby. and the doctor said (she) was ok. we couldn't believe our ears. nick literally asked the doctor to repeat himself. and then we cried.

God was faithful. God is faithful.

and now at almost 30 weeks i am thankful. thankful that we've made it this far and for every little kick. i'm just waiting and longing for the day that i see her face and touch her skin because it will be that much sweeter.

thank you Lord for her life.
we can't wait to meet her.

(rylan and i)


  1. What a scare! But thank you lord for being faithful and helping you through this! So happy all is ok

  2. So beautiful. You are going to love that baby girl so much! :)

  3. OMG I cant imagine going through that! Im so glad to hear that everything is OK!!! Cant wait to see pictures of your cute little girlie! Its getting down to the wire isnt it?! We have less than 10 weeks left and I can't believe we are that close!

  4. Hailey - it's amazing to read & follow your blog. I am currently 29 weeks + 2days... so am very close to where you are :) We are having a precious boy though.

    God is so good. I am humbled so often by stories of His goodness & faithfulness in all situations... even when we see Him answer 'no' to someone else, yet He holds our babies close and says 'yes... you get to meet this little one!'

    Blessings as you continue growing your sweet girlie :)

  5. this brought me to tears. (my prego hormones maybe?) or just the Lords faithfulness?! So happy your sweet thing is ok.

    you look awesome btw!

  6. I'm so glad you're okay! How terrifying! I'm sure you just can't wait until you're holding her in your arms <3

  7. Oh my, I can't imagine. So glad the scare was that and nothing more and that you and baby are growing and doing well.

  8. That happened with my second and I remember the horror until I heard his precious little heart beat. I am so grateful for my pregnancies and health of my babes! Gorgeous picture

  9. Oh my gosh, what a scare! I'm so glad you and the little miss are doing well. Not too much longer and you'll have that precious little bundle in your arms!

  10. oh my dear! That is a scary moment, but a little lady is such a blessing.

  11. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. What a beautiful thing that you guys prayed and trusted Him through that scare.

  12. Oh my heavens. That is terrifying! I am glad that she was okay and that she is almost done cookin' in your belly :) It's going to be so incredible when you finally get to hold her in your arms!

  13. I'm so sorry sweet mama. Your faith and calmness are a true inspiration and so admirable. Your little girl is a real blessing x

  14. So thankful that the Lord preserved her little life. I know how scary that can be. I had this same kind of experience when I 9 weeks pregnant with Elias. We are talking about God's faithfulness on my blog today and I'd love it if you'd add this story to the list. (http://pencilleddaydream.com/2013/07/16/grace-in-the-midst-of-pain/)I know that whenever God works like this people are so encouraged.

  15. oh my goodness ! so glad everything is fine - what a scare ! wishing you healthy calm and peaceful few weeks until baby arrives !!

  16. Wow! I had the same thing happen to me at 12 weeks. For days I bled like that, but with no harm to baby or me. The docs still don't know what it was, and it eventually stopped. So glad that was the case for you as well! Definitely scary but God held my hand through it and so did the hubby.