August 21, 2013

what to pack-hospital style: baby edition.

so...even though i've made our "idea collages" for what we need to pack...we still haven't done it
4 weeks left y'all.
and her name isn't officially decided either.
i feel so much more behind compared to last time.
did we miss anything for the baby?
i'm so glad the hospital provides diapers and wipes for a couple days :)
say a prayer that we get everything done soon!


  1. Awww so cute! You are going to have so much fun dressing a baby girl, seeing as you're pretty stylish yourself : ) Good luck with the name!

  2. eek! eek! eek! so exciting! i pray that you'll be calm and relaxed as the time nears.


  3. Puh-lease tell me that is her actual going home outfit! Because that is SO SO cute!! Love it!