August 29, 2013

right around the corner.

so i'm just sitting here, all 37 *almost* weeks of me and i thought i'd share how things are going over here lately.

on a positive note, our house is coming along nicely. just a few more details to work through and on to baby girl's room..

what? what's that? -oh yea, we haven't tackled her room yet. and her name..yea still working on that, but we're getting close! thank God for Labor Day coming up this weekend-we're planning to get lots done, that is if little lady decides to let us ;). going into labor on Labor Day could make for an interesting story though. am i right?

annnnd it might be good if we actually packed our hospital bags too.

hey, at least we've cleaned rylan's old car seat and will be able to take her home with us when she comes ;)

on another positive note, we got a little giddy yesterday after my doctor appointment. i'm already dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced! but who knows what that really means, it could be today or it could be two weeks. so we're just sitting on pins and needles now!

we're ready little lady even if we're not "technically" ready!


  1. Eeeeek! You are SO CLOSE!!!
    What an awesome delivery story if your little lady came ON Labor Day. HA!!

  2. Yay!! Final countdown... This is so exciting :) x

  3. What an exciting time to stumble on your blog--37 weeks! I love your cool attitude about the baby being around the corner. Babies just need love and arms...and maybe boobs. Ha! :)